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Bluepoint Public Relations is a full-service boutique PR and strategic communications firm supporting businesses and not-for-profits of all sizes and across all industries. While our service umbrella is broad, we specialize in values-driven brand development and strategic facilitation, reputation management, crisis communications. At Bluepoint PR, cultivating lasting relationships with your audiences is at the root of everything we do, while prioritizing inclusive, trauma-informed messaging, embracing each unique client and audience experience. 

Our business is a social enterprise built on a commitment to equity and inclusive communications, giving back to the community, and breaking down historical barriers to service. A percentage of our profits directly benefit local community initiatives, and under-resourced organizations and not-for-profits in need of communications support. We strive to approach our work using a decolonized lens and change the way folks approach their marketing and communications.

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Our Team

We have a team of creative professionals with diverse educational and vocational backgrounds to ensure that each project receives a unique approach to meet its individual communications challenges.

Image of Marika Sylvain Groendyk. She is wearing a brown blazer and a black shirt with a bow at the neck. She has her hands clasped in front of her. She has blond hair and is wearing aqua-coloured beaded earings. She is standing against a white wall.
Marika Sylvain
Founder & Principal; Lead Communications Specialist

Marika is a passionate storyteller who honed her communication skills over 15 years in front-line Social Services before launching Bluepoint Public Relations in 2020. Using these skills to advocate for her clients and working on a national Sixties Scoop awareness campaign helped form the foundation of Bluepoint PR as a social enterprise committed to equity and inclusive, trauma-informed communications.

Marika is bilingual, and originally from Ottawa, Ontario. She graduated with an Honours B.A. from the University of Windsor and a Dipl. PR from the University of Victoria. When she's not busy building communications strategies and helping businesses and organizations connect to their audiences, she's a busy wife and mom to two boys, 3 cats, and the office mascot Hank. You can often find her and her family at the beach at Highland Glen, searching for beach glass or building dams (if you know, you know).

Image of Samantha Saucier. Samantha is wearing a brown and beige printed shirt, and is standing facing the camera. She is wearing glasses. She is smiling. She has brown hair and bangs. She is standing against a white wall
Samantha Saucier
Operations Manager; Marketing & Research Lead

Samantha is a passionate advocate who actively volunteers with local and international initiatives to support youth empowerment, mental health advocacy, environmental sustainability, and wildlife conservation.

She has extensive experience in Research, Marketing, Communications, and Business Development through her previous roles along with a Business Administration Diploma from Lambton College and an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Marketing from Nipissing University.

Samantha has a vast knowledge of marketing concepts, market research, integrated marketing communications strategies, campaign development, brand management and content design. During her spare time, Samantha can be found taking her pup on adventures, playing video games, or reading books for an unhealthy amount of time.

Image of Colleen Wragg. She is standing against a white/gray wall. She is  wearing a black sweater with white beading along the top. She has blond heair with pink streaks in the front. She is facing the camera and smiling.
Colleen Wragg
Graphic Design

Bluepoint PR is thrilled to have Colleen as our graphic design partner. Colleen is an experienced graphic designer and artist who graduated from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College with a B.A. in Art and Art History and has worked in the creative design field since 2005. She has extensive experience working with brands at all stages of the creative process to bring their brand vision to life. Colleen possesses a special talent for developing logos and creative designs that are representative of a brand’s mission, vision and values which makes her a perfect fit for the style of branding we do at Bluepoint PR.

When Colleen isn’t busy working on creative brand designs she spends her time on her own business Draft Eleven, where she designs and sells customizable, printable party invitations and decor. Colleen is also a wife and mom to three gorgeous kids and her dog Doug.

Image of Cassidy Crowe. She is sitting against a grey wall looking away from the camera. She has dark red har. She is wearing a black t-shirt and is wearing a gold necklace. She is smiling.
Cassidy Crowe
Brand Photography

Cassidy is Bluepoint PR’s photography partner. She is a sought-after lifestyle & branding photographer, and influencer, whose values align perfectly with ours at Bluepoint PR and we are happy to have her alongside us. Cassidy has photographed for brands such as Lake Life Studio, Wick + Bear, Lace and Charm, and River Run Brewing Co. to name a few, as well as influenced for national brands like Pokoloko and Loftan. Cassidy’s experience with branding on both sides of the lens gives her unique insight into showcasing a brand through imagery. Her style is authentic, ensuring her subject is featured instead of the image edit. Cassidy has a special gift for empowering confidence in her subjects and evoking their personality in their bio images, connecting them with their audience in a meaningful way.

When she’s not photographing people and products (or the odd wedding here and there), you can find her, often on the beach, camera in hand, with her two boys, her husband and their dog.

Image of Hank. He is a black and white English/Victorian Bulldog. He is a Good Boy.
Office Mascot, Meeting Disruptor, Employee of All the Months

If you've attended a meeting with Bluepoint PR you've likely seen Hank's adorable face in the background of our Zoom meetings, sleeping happily in his chair, or aggressively chewing on an uncomfortably loud bone while we are trying to have serious conversations.

Hank does his best to represent the Bluepoint PR brand by showing up to all meetings, whether we want him there or not. He keeps our office light when we're dealing with heavy topics and reminds us to laugh, usually at his loud snoring.

Give him an ounce of attention and you will have a best friend for life.

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